We want to take our customers into the future, step by step.

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We believe tomorrow will be better with high-quality technology and human cooperation.

With our expertise, we want to revolutionize problem solving and create new business, while caring about people and the environment. We serve our clients with outstanding code and boost their businesses with IoT solutions.

“It’s our passion to develop high-quality technology that benefits the future of humanity and the environment.”

The Coheros Team shares a passion to improve people’s lives with responsible and easy-to-use, high-quality technology. We do software consulting and develop IoT products for everyone wanting to make things better.


“We want to help our customers and take them into the future.”

We want to really understand our customers’ values, businesses and processes, so that we can develop technology that is boosting precisely on their businesses. We are very committed to serving our customers, whether it’s software consulting or developing an IoT solutions.

Our coding skills meet challenging needs. It’s our job to provide solutions that customers may not be able to envision on their own.

At our IoT lab our propellerheads produce prototypes quickly, even in one week, so that our customers are able to test the solutions easily and with minimal risk.

As a result, our customers gain revolutionary digital opportunities, more valuable businesses and ecosystems.


“We are a growth company with a start-up spirit, striving to stay on the leading edge of IoT solutions and SW consulting.”

Our goals are high, so we invest a lot into the passionate attitudes of our team members, as well as development of excellence. We want to build a sustainable ecosystem for our customers and be a valuable partner.

Our growth company has sprouted from Nokia in 2016. Our target is to grow up to be at the frontline, guiding the direction of digitalisation.

In addition to serving customers with software consulting and IoT development, we are launching our own IoT products on global markets. Our first products will be launched during 2018.

As we say...

Let’s shake it up!

We are courageous researchers, quick experimenters and innovative optimists, who have a hunger to learn new things.

Be cool!

We care about people and the environment, we act responsibly, we are committed, we make something significant and productive.

Let’s play!

We truly listen and understand our customers, we want to serve and help using our expertise.

Be real!

We are open-minded and honest and therefore we earn the trust of our customers.