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IoT data is not coming through... problems with the LoRaWAN network coverage?

Our HERO N1 is a LoRaWAN network coverage measurement device for professional users who plan, build and maintain the LoRaWAN network with the newest LoRaWAN protocols.

In an ideal situation, the operator installs the HERO N1 devices in field workers’ cars and devices start to collect real-time network coverage data on the go. This revolutionary device changes the way of data collection by doing it autonomously and automatically – without any activity from the field worker. The device sends collected data to the cloud, where the data is analysed. Coverage-related parameters are visualized on the map which you can explore with your smart phone or computer.

Blind spots are easily discovered as the operator gets a geographically comprehensive map of LoRaWAN network coverage. This helps planning and building a comprehensive network for customers who are using the LoRaWAN network to transfer IoT data. The device can also be used for troubleshooting problematic areas. If there’s a lack of coverage or a network problem, it’s easy to pinpoint the problematic area on the map.


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