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The air you breath indoors... is it good for you?

Our indoor air quality monitoring device HERO A1 will do air quality monitoring and analysis for you. It will keep you easily updated about all you need to know about the air you’re breathing.

The HERO A1 is a small and pretty monitor that can be placed anywhere in the room. It will give you the facts related to air quality in real-time.

The device collects the air quality data automatically and sends it to the cloud where it is analyzed. The HERO A1 informs you about overall air quality status with “traffic lights”, so you’ll see right away if you should take actions. For deeper analysis you’ll be able to access all the data from a PC or any mobile device.

The HERO A1 can be used almost anywhere, for example at schools, day care centers, libraries, hospitals and at work places like offices and in meeting rooms.

Property managers, landlords and tenants who care about good air quality get real-time information and alarms if some parameter is out of the normal range. Public real estate services, school principals and day care center managers can easily notice indoor air quality on daily basis. In an ideal situation, the Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device would also manage ventilation units automatically.

HERO A1 device can measure parameters like:

  • carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • temperature (°C)
  • relative humidity (RH%)
  • air pressure (hPa)
  • voice level (dB)

Interested? Just ask, how this would work for you.