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We design IoT solutions to improve quality of life and boost business.

IoT creates endless possibilities to care about the well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. It enables us to sense and analyse new kinds of data and know valuable information in real-time, in any location.

We have created CoherosScope product family that harnesses IoT technology to improve peoples lives and boost their businesses. CoherosScope products include devices and apps for different needs and applications. Since the possibilities with IoT are endless, we focus our research and development in line with our values.

We believe you will get excited about our smart and easy-to-use devices and apps!

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LoRaWAN network coverage

When IoT data isn’t coming through, how is it possible to know whether the problem is in the device or on the network? How could IoT network operators get real-time information about where network is working properly?

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Monitoring environmental conditions

Humidity and the temperature monitoring give you valuable information about conditions in which you live, construct or store goods. This monitoring can take place both indoors or outdoors. Sometimes you need this information to display the quality of a construction process, building materials or a building itself in use. Sometimes you need this information to display the conditions of a factory, cold chain logistics or storage. In some cases, you’ll need this information for insurance purposes

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”Coheros is innovative IoT house who has done same to sensors what Apple has done for phones.
Coheros sensors are easy to use and user interface is intuitive and good.
Coheros is a company which I believe is going to have bright future.”

Mika Flinck, Head of Sales
IoT Services Digita

”Coheros is great company with huge experience in telecommunication software and hardware. They are riding in the edge of new development methods and skills including E2E Operability.
We are happy to work with Coheros.”

Petri Ervasti

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