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We believe tomorrow will be better with high technology and people working together. Therefore, we want to revolutionise customary solutions, generate out-of-the-box business and take care of people and the environment.

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Code and IoT solutions for your success

We want to serve you with outstanding code and boost your business with IoT solutions. It’s our passion to develop high-tech that improves peoples’ lives and makes a difference for your business. Our service is totally fuss free and comes with care and responsibility. Let’s move forward to a better future, step by step.

IoT Development

Revolutionary solutions to boost your business.

Software Consulting

Outstanding code with committed service.

Hardware Consulting

Bringing your hardware to life.


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IoT data is not coming through... problems with the LoRaWAN network coverage?

If the IoT data is not coming through the network to the cloud, how would you know whether it's a question of a single device problem or lack of LoRaWAN network coverage? We created a totally automated, real-time LoRa network coverage measurement device HERO N1 with map based service to enable operators to know more, plan better and make their customers happy. Explore LoRa network coverage measurement


Are environmental conditions safe for your property and goods?

Humidity and temperature monitoring with HERO C1 gives you valuable information about conditions in which you live, work, construct or store goods. This monitoring can take place indoors or outdoors. Everything works automatically with an easy-to-use device and app. Explore Environmental Conditions Monitoring


The air you breath indoors... is it good for you?

People spend most of their time indoors, often in poor air quality. How would you know if the air you breath is healthy? We’ve started a quest for a better tomorrow with zero indoor air quality problems. Explore indoor air quality monitoring

”Coheros is innovative IoT house who has done same to sensors what Apple has done for phones.
Coheros sensors are easy to use and user interface is intuitive and good.
Coheros is a company which I believe is going to have bright future.”

Mika Flinck, Head of Sales
IoT Services Digita

”Coheros is great company with huge experience in telecommunication software and hardware. They are riding in the edge of new development methods and skills including E2E Operability.
We are happy to work with Coheros.”

Petri Ervasti

We’re growing and we like it!

Are you a bright developer talent looking for a chance to make a difference in your own life as well as for other people? Meet our team and let us know if you would like to join our Co-Heros league!